Livestock constitutes an important part of the wealth of a country, since in addition to draft power and leather, it provides manure, meat and milk to the vast majority of the people.
Livestock resources necessarily encompass animal health care and welfare, quality production factors, and effective rearing to keep pace with expansion of entrepreneurship related to concerned industries. It plays an important role in the agricultural production sphere. Statistics show that about 2.9% of national GDP is covered by the livestock sector, and its annual rate of growth is 5.5%. About 20% of the population of Bangladesh earns their livelihood through work associated with raising cattle and poultry. Draught power for tilling the land, the use of muck as manure and fuel, and animal power for transportation make up a significant portion of the GDP. In addition, hides and skins, bones, offal, feathers etc., help in earning foreign exchange. Livestock resources also play an important role in the sustenance of landless people.